BitGrade – use your smartphone to analyse your drilling bit.

Hello everyone! Nice spring outside finally:)

This time I’m going to present you another mobile app which I created during cold days of the winter season. Probably you remember the previous one called SketchRapid which was described couple of weeks ago. For those who did not have chance to check it go ahead and click the link below:

SketchRapid – simple Android tool for quick image-messages, notes or fun

I know that those posts look like a self-advertisment but maybe you will find it interesting. This time I’m going to describe an app which is somehow related to both Steel and Rocks:)

I called this application BitGrade as its main task is to help the engineer to perform drilling bit dull grade analysis. There are many instructions and guides available in the web which describe how to perform IADC standard bit analysis but I thought that it might be useful to have an app which will guide the user step-by-step through the all stages of such analysis and will help him to generate general report at the end. The task of writing of such app seems to be very simple but believe me it is not for the amateur, junior programmer.

After a month of trial and error programming app was ready to publish on Google Play. Its main properties are:

– 8-step bit grade analysis according to best industry practices for both roller cone and fixed cutter bits
– Screens with easy to pick bit properties
– Help screens containing information about the failure properties including photos
– Analysis summarized on a final screen
– Possibility to generate PDF report of the bit analysis to store it on a device memory.

Link to the application website on Google Play:

If you are interested in this subject or you would like to learn something about bit dull grade analysis please do not hesitate to download this app for free, rate and comment. It will also help me to understand the life-cycle of such program and also to improve it (probably it could work quicker or GUI could be much more pleasant).

Also now when everyone carries some mobile device (tablet, smartphone…) and internet connection is available widely by 3G or 4G probably there is wide range of other ideas how to make analytics tools used in the field more handy and interactive starting from simple unit converters and glossaries to more complex analysis tools collecting and processing information in the field. Imagine geologist who is in the field and he is able to take picture and describe an outcrop and send it on-fly directly to his friend in an office who will load such information to the database on his workstation.

If you have similar ideas or you would like to share some interesting app idea I will be happy to discuss:)

Check the BitGrade gallery:




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